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Welcome to Fusion Vape!

You won't be disappointed!

Welcome to Fusion Vape! We are excited to launch our new inventory of vapes and electronic cigarettes. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Just leave us a comment in the contact form or stop by any of our locations. If you are looking for bulk items or special orders we would love to work with you.

Please be patient as we are working on our website to bring you our full inventory of flavors. Stay tuned!

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Sweet Tartness




Strawberry Cheesecake

What are the Benefits of Vaping?

No Carcinogens/Tar
No Secondhand Smoke
No More Bad/Smoker’s Breath
No More Offensive Smoke
No Ash
No Fire / No Flame
Cheaper than Cigarettes
More Cost Effective/Saves Money
No Butts
Less Waste
Smoking Alternative\Alternative to Smoking
Non –intrusive

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905 Waterfall Way
Richardson, TX 75080

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